Labour Dept to set up special unit handling migrant workers’ grievances, says Sim

KUALA LUMPUR: A special unit will be set up under the Labour Department to handle complaints and grouses from migrant workers, says Steven Sim. “Their (migrant workers) situation is unique as they may not dare come forward to complain. “A local worker who lodges a complaint against an employer with the department can still go […]

Study reveals 96% Bangladeshi workers going to M’sia face high recruitment debt, exploitation

A RECENT study conducted by four labour ethics and workers’ rights organisations — Verité, Sheva Consultants, BOMSA and WARBE-DF — has shed light on the challenges faced by migrant workers in Malaysia. The study titled “Fostering Fee Accountability and Cost Tracking (FFACT)” presented findings that highlight the significant financial burden and exploitation experienced by migrant […]

Human Resources Ministry approves 1,136,022 quotas for foreign workers

KUALA LUMPUR: The Human Resources Ministry has approved a quota for the recruitment of 1,136,022 foreign workers from 2022 until the quota freeze on March 18 last year. Of the total, 469,106 were for the manufacturing sector, followed by the construction sector (359,899); services (171,490); plantation (85,678); agriculture (49,473) and mining and quarrying (376). “Starting […]

Employers point out RTK 2.0 flaws

PETALING JAYA: Employers say certain flaws in the Labour Recalibration Programme 2.0 (RTK 2.0) had led to a low number of illegal foreign workers being verified as legal workers and urge the government for an extension from the March 31 deadline to June 30. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), meanwhile, say they faced difficulties housing […]

New programme lets migrants off the hook without being prosecuted

PUTRAJAYA: Foreigners without a valid travel pass or who have overstayed will only be fined RM500 if they want to return home under a new Migrant Repatriation Programme which will start on March 1, says the Immigration Department. Those who violated their travel passes or permits will only be charged RM300 to return to their […]