Issue of foreign workers: Bar Council support proves government’s justified actions – Sim

Support and positive acceptance from the Bar Council towards the government’s firm stance on employers and agents regarding the issue of hiring foreign workers indicate that the position is correct and justified. Minister of Human Resources Steven Sim stated that the ministry’s position is clear, emphasizing that every foreign worker brought into Malaysia must be […]

Govt Shortens Foreign Worker Recruitment Process to 15 Months, 23 Days

PUTRAJAYA: The government has decided to reduce the duration for foreign worker recruitment applications from 29 months and 13 days to 15 months and 23 days, says home minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail. Saifuddin said the decision made during a meeting between the home and human resources ministries was part of efforts to have a more […]

Companies Must Pay Foreign Workers Even if There is No Work – Minister

The government today issued a warning to employers who bring foreign workers into the country to pay their workers, even if no work is provided. Speaking at a press conference, Minister of Human Resources Steven Sim warned employers who defy this, stating that failure to pay wages is a violation of the country’s labor laws. […]

Foreign Workers are Allowed to Change Employers – Saifuddin.

PUTRAJAYA: The government allows foreign workers to change employers to address the labor shortage in the agriculture sector. The decision was reached during a meeting of the Joint Committee of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Human Resources on Foreign Worker Management today. The Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution […]

Malaysian Ministries Propose Stringent Measures to Tackle Foreign Worker Exploitation

A special meeting has been scheduled for January 16 between the Home and Human Resources ministries, aiming to comprehensively address issues related to foreign workers. The primary proposal is to freeze foreign worker quota applications, with the intention of presenting this to the cabinet. In a joint statement, Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution and […]

Minister Johari Ghani Advocates Stricter Penalties for Companies Exploiting Foreign Worker Quotas

Johari Ghani, the Minister of Plantation and Commodities, refuted the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers’ (FMM) assertion that penalizing companies for bringing in foreign workers without job opportunities would be unjust. He emphasized that the responsibility lies not only with recruitment agencies but also with companies, as the application to bring in foreign workers is contingent […]

Streamlining Entry: Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) Pre-Arrival Requirement

In an effort to enhance the entry process for foreign travelers, Malaysia has introduced a crucial pre-arrival requirement—the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC). Effective immediately, all foreign travelers are required to complete the MDAC within three (3) days before their scheduled arrival in Malaysia. Steps to Fulfill the Requirement: Step 1: Fill up the Malaysia […]

Visa Liberalization Plan: Encouraging Entry of Foreign Tourists

The recent announcement of the Visa Liberalization Plan by the government aims to encourage the entry of foreign tourists into the country. The Visa Liberalization Plan is designed to generate national income and will be implemented by enhancing the existing immigration facilities enjoyed by travelers to Malaysia, including those from Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle […]